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Bea Arthur fan site.

The site dedicated to an amazing woman. She is an actress, singer, LGBT & animal activist. Her name is Bea Arthur. May 13, 1922 - April 25, 2009 forever. Born as Bernice Frankel [bə:nəs].

Bea is mostly famous as Dorothy Zbornak in "The Golden Girls" and Maude Findlay in "Maude".

I was beawitched one day. I am beawitched and I shall be always (as every Bea's fan, is not it?).

This blog dedicated to anything Bea but mostly to her wonderful a.k.a. you-can-die-wish-you-can-to-do facial expressions. Bea has amazing legs. / Bea at #home I Gifs with Bea #gif.

Also I can add that I am Dorothy (every quiz result :D plus my qualities).

Feel free to ask questions. (Anything related with Bea is always wonderful to discuss.)

Browse the site's archive / click on "Bea" near every post to open the post :D.

Bea Arthur is singing

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I am Dorothy Zbornak. I love you, Bea!

If you do not interesting in what posts here, not follow for follow back just. It is foolishly.

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Come back soon, I'll be waiting! (© Ackmena)

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Bea Arthur and Whoopi Goldberg. 1st Annual Comedy Awards  05.19.1987

Bea Arthur and Whoopi Goldberg. 1st Annual Comedy Awards  05.19.1987

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    Now tell me y’all don’t believe that story Camryn Mannheim told in “Jackie’s Back.”
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    whoopi goldberg was never on the list of hot funny women but she should be.
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